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We are happy to welcome you to Greece and invite you to get to know our beautiful East Coast area, Rafina and Pikermi, which combines sea, history and environmental interest!

Even though our area is mainly known as the coastal gateway to the Aegean islands, in reality it is so much more than a port! There are so many places one can discover, enjoy time and live a unique experience by choosing from the many different activities of experiential tourism. Routes and paths with environmental interest, tours in the traditional fish market and small restaurants, visits to historical places and landmarks and relaxation at sightseeing spots where one can enjoy the view. By choosing the area’s experiential tourism, one also has the unique opportunity to combine fun with tradition, by learning first hand everything about traditional fishing.

In this web page you can find some interesting information related to the different options one has while visiting our area. We will be happy to help you get in touch with the local professionals of tourism, so please contact us if you need any further information.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Andreas Vassilopoulos
Municipal Councilor of Rafina-Pikermi
Professor of Geoinformatics, TEI of Central Greece
President of AVMap Group
www.avassilopoulos.gr, mob. +30 6942790900


Click below to see our videos related to Rafina and Pikermi (in our youtube channel).

“Live the Experience” in 360°

The paleontological treasure of Pikermi

Valanaris waterfall in Pikermi Attica

A fishing day

Rafina-Pikermi in AIT Expo 2018

TOURISMED – Fishing Tourism

Available informational brochures related to Rafina and Pikermi in English:



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